[Audio] Isaac Tichauer’s ‘Changes’



Next up on the awesome French Express is the smoothest of smooth House jams. It’s also the new one from Australian DJ and producer Isaac Tichauer. Changes is really a track to sink into and a tune that is guaranteed to be soundtracking more than a few sunsets this coming summer.

Deep and Soulful, with a surprisingly pleasing Jazz twist, Changes is a slo-mo slice of bass snyth heavy House. Finger snaps and an understates House beat give the tune it’s momentum, but it’s the rumbling sub and the lilting electric piano that give it it’s soul. Add a light R&B vocal, and you’ve got eight minutes of emotional, laid back, audio gold. Intricate and resonant sounds from this producer to watch.

♫ Isaac Tichauer – Changes

Isaac Tichauer’s Changes is out 15ht April

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2 comments on “[Audio] Isaac Tichauer’s ‘Changes’

  1. I actually really like it.. very ‘burning man’ friendly.. something that Lee Burridge (and Atish) would play 😉

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