[Audio] Chris Malinchak & MNEK’s ‘Happiness’



New York Disco don turned Deep House master Chris Malinchak has really brought his A-game with his new single, Happiness. In fact that’s not all he’s brought; also along for the ride is one of the UK’s best voices (and songwriters to boot) MNEK.on vocal duties. No word of a release date yet on this one, but you can bet it’ll be soon. This is too cool to keep a lid on for too long.

Laid back and blissed out, Happiness is smooth as hell, probably the smoothest House tune we’ve heard in a while.. Both deep and dreamy, Malinchak brings sleigh-bell chimes and warming sub basslines to ride over a steady robotic beat. The human side of the track is delivered by MNEK, with a heartfelt and passionate performance that gives the song it’s heart. A blisteringly good combination.

♫ Chris Malinchak (Feat. MNEK) – Happiness

Chris Malinchak’s Happiness is out soon.

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[Download] Chris Malinchak’s ‘Forever’



With Tropical vibes merging with the UK Deep House sound these days, it looks like we’re set for a summer of blissful, dreamy tunes. New York’s Disco don Chris Malinchak kicks things off with his new tune, Forever, which he’s dropping as a freebie ahead of the release of his next proper single. Malinchak surprised everyone last year with two UK chart topping singles, So Good To Me peaking at number two and it looks like he’s going to be continuing that trend into 2014.

Forever leans on subby basses to get a hypnotic club vibe going. Laying down an easy going House groove, Malinchak peppers the track with Tropical purcussion and infuses a drifting, soulful, vocal sample into a carefree beach party tune. Listen up peeps, this is the sound of the summer right here.

Chris Malinchak – Forever

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[MP3] Chris Malinchak’s ‘If U Got It’ (+ ‘So Into You’)


Chris Malinchak

If U Got It is the forthcoming new single from New York Funky House producer Chris Malinchak. Following up on his breakthrough hit So Good To Me, the ex-French Express man (now signed to Relentless Records) had his new tune premiered by Pete Tong on his Radio 1 show this past weekend. If U Got It is the prefect follow up to the catchy, soulful, Nu-Disco of his previous.

With a crooning selection of vocal samples and a laid back groove, If U Got It is a prime example of Malinchak’s musicality. Expertly blended electric piano and a jazzy swing give this carefree House tune a dreamy, chilled mood. But that’s not all, Malinchak is also giving away a new tune called So Into You, a deep and infectious Chicago-esque track that lifts it’s vocal hook from The System’s Don’t Disturb This Groove and applies it to some warm, summery, warehouse sounds. Grab it now!

♫ Chris Malinchak – If U Got It (Radio Rip)

Chris Malinchak – So Into You

Chris Malinchak’s If U Got It is released 10th November

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[Video] Chris Malinchak’s ‘So Good To Me’


Chris Malinchak

Here’s the video for New Yorker Chris Malinchak’s dreamy new single, So Good To Me. Already Pete Tong’s ‘Essential New Tune’, this summer slice of electronic haze looks poised to do big things.

The video was premièred at the weekend by Ministry Of Sound TV and presents a youthful innocence that fits the track well. And Giraffes.

Chris Malinchak’s So Good To Me is released 5th May.

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Chris Malinchak’s new EP

Chris Malinchak

One of New York’s finest purveyors of boogie, Chris Malinchak, released his new EP late last week on the consistently awesome French Express label.

The ‘Hollywood’ EP is three smokin’ hot cuts of the smoothest retro Electro Disco and delivers something a little more mature than the usual dancefloor bangers. Kicking off with ‘Deal ‘Em’, the most jump-up track of the bunch. A tune that hides complex layering of sample snatches and uplifting synth lines amidst it’s deep funk. With a rocking bassline that’ll keep you dancing it’s a storming way to open the EP. ‘At Night’ follows, reining the mood in a little. Less banger, more slick Disco, this one just oozes feel-good vibes. If ‘Deal ‘Em’ is the track that get’s your attention then ‘At Night’ is the one that gets the part started. The EP wraps up with ‘Tango In Paris’, a Nu-Disco/ElectroPop hybrid, and probably the highlight of the EP for us. It’s a track that really captures a mood, with growling Moog bass and elusive vocals adding to a atmosphere of late night mystery.

♫ Chris Malinchak – Deal ‘Em

♫ Chris Malinchak – At Night

♫ Chris Malinchak – Tango in Paris

The ‘Hollywood’ EP is out now on French Express.

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Chris Malinchak’s ‘No Secrets’ video

The video for Chris Malinchak’s ‘No Secrets’, featuring Damon C. Scott, from his ‘Vilette’ EP is finally here.

The video is smooth, with a night time sheen. Pretty much the visual version of the track then!

The ‘Vilette’ EP is out now on French Express.

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Chris Malinchak’s new EP


This week just gone French Express released the new EP fro NYC Nu-Disco wizard Chris Malinchak.

His second release for French Express, the ‘Vilette’ EP is three tracks of synthesized Disco goodness. The lead track ‘No Secrets’ is a soulful, late night jam. Smooth, laid back DiscoPop at it’s finest with vocals courtesy of Damon C. Scott. this the flourishes and attention to detail that really make Malinchak’s productions stand out, the retro ‘80’s sound is complemented with little touches like the tribal percussion fills that give the track a bit of a unique feel. Also featuring on the EP is ‘Accolade’, first aired on The Magician’s ‘Magic Tape 14’ mixtape. This tune is pure summer nights and good times, lush synths densely layered complimented with feel good chimes for the prefect party mood.

♫ Chris Malinchak (Feat. Damon C. Scott) – No Secrets

♫ Chris Malinchak – Accolade

The ‘Vilette’ EP  is out now.

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Chris Malinchak’s new EP

Chris Malinchak’s new sounds on the French Express label is his forthcoming EP ‘Make Your Move’, with the awesome ‘Another Day’ as the B-Side.

The title track is the perfect summer nights Nu-Disco track. A solid groove, snatched of vocoder and wicked licks in a melting pot of Funk, for the height of the party. When the sun starts. to come up, though, is when ‘Another Day’ comes into play with it’s distant, dreamy ElectroPop vibe with a Disco sheen

♫ Chris Malinchak – Make Your Move

♫ Chris Malinchak – Another Day

The ‘Make Your Move’ EP is out now on Beatport and everywhere else 26th July.

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Chris Malinchak’s new EP

New out on French Express is Funky House producer Chris Malinchak’s new EP ‘Rennaissance’

Headlining the EP is ‘The Forth’, a cool Friday night jam with an 80s feel. Check out the track with some Top Gun visuals.

Also featured on the EP is ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’, a rapid fire Disco tune with a bit of a Lifelike flavour. The track used fast paced arpeggios to funky effect when mixed up with some shimmering Disco chords.

Chris Malinchak – Can’t Stop Loving You

Pick up the ‘Rennaissance’ EP now:

Chris Malinchak @ Beatport

Chris Malinchak @ Juno

Chris Malinchak @ 7Digital

Chris Malinchak @ Amazon

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