[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Lana Del Rey’s ‘Brooklyn Baby’


Lana Del Rey

Monsieur Adi has finally unleashed his much hinted at reMix of Lana Del Ray’s Brooklyn Baby, taken from her album Ultraviolence. Whist we’re not generally fans of Del Rey reMixes, this one is something a bit special, concentrating all of Adi’s strong points into one bassy ElectroPop juggernaut. The man really is on of the top talents working in Pop music today, and it;s been quite a ride watching reach this point.

Adi combines a few elements into his mix of Brooklyn Baby. There a nice retro undercurrent, delivered by an 80s sounding arpeggiated bassline, and this contrasts neatly with a skippy R&B beat and booming subs. Creating a more interesting backing that Del Rey’s voice is used to, Adi flexes his recently absent orchestral muscles and elevates the song with the cinematic rise and fall of his string section.

♫ Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence is out now.

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[MP3] Figure Of 8 reMixes Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey

Here’s another slice of enigmatic, emotional, Dance from Belfast’s creative don Figure Of 8. His latest groove is a reMix of Lana Del Ray’s cover of the classic Blue Velvet, and, atmospherically, owes as much to the David Lynch film of the same name as it does Del Rey’s original. Prepare for some mysterious, edgy, and uncomfortably confortable sounds.

Inviting the listener into a warm, encompassing, field of sound that becomes increasingly loaded with nervous tension, Figure Of 8 commands the dancefloor with mesmerizing beats and synth bass, ensuring that no-one shy’s from the knifelike synths and haunting vocal. For a dance track, it’s brimming over with drama and mood new new secret contained within it’s intricate arrangement on every new listen.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet (Figure Of 8 reMix)

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