[Audio] Cut Copy’s ‘Believers’


Cut Copy

Australian Indie-Electro champs Cut Copy’s awesome Free Your Mind album is getting itself a shiny new deluxe version release this week. The record, originally released late last year, will come equipped with a host of brand new track, including this one, Believers. There five additional tracks in total, and if there anything like Believers, you’ll be hankering to pick up Free Your Mind all over again.

A luxurious slick of Acid Pop, Believers is equal parts noisy and melodic. Kicking off with some 909 rims and 303 burbling, Believers soon unashamedly revels in it’s 90s-ness with vocal snatches and a piano hook. All this complemented by Cut Copy’s inherent Indie-Electro feel courtesy of Tim’s heartfelt vocal performance. The track doesn’t;t hold out as it gets rapidly noisier and more fanatic towards it’s finale, building the energy for one last freak out.

♫ Cut Copy – Believers

Cut Copy release the deluxe version of Free Your Mind this week.

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[Video] Cut Copy’s ‘Meet Me In A House Of Love’


Cut Copy   Meet Me In A House Of Love   YouTube

Australian Indie-Electro champs Cut Copy recently released this video for Meet Me In A House Of Love, taken from their storming album of last year, Free Your Mind.

It’s a pretty carefree clip, which fits with the bands music well. Nicely tongue-in-cheek.

Cut Copy release the deluxe version of Free Your Mind on 22nd July.

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[Video] Cut Copy’s ‘We Are Explorers’


Cut Copy    We Are Explorers   Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Aussie SynthPoppers Cut Copy’s recent single We Are Explorers. What sort of video would this Acid-tinged psychedelic ElectroPop tune entail?

Masa Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu & Aramique co-direct this neon soaked clip. It;s stop motion action made entirely with 3D printed figurines.

Cut Copy’s Free Your Mind album is out now via Modular Recordings.

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[Audio] Cut Copy’s ‘We Are Explorers’


Cut Copy

Modular have just released another new track from Australian ElectroPop outfit Cut Copy’s forthcoming new album, Free Your Mind. Alongside recent singles Free Your Mind and Let Me Show You, album track We Are Explorers helps give us a full picture of what to expect form their long awaited fourth album.

We Are Explorers is pretty classic Cut Copy. Shockingly infectious ElectroPop, all buzzing synths and crazy purcussion. With a nice hint of the 80s, over some rocking power Indie-Electro. As you’d expect from Cut Copy, the song itself is whimsical, anthemic and ridiculously catchy. Which tempers the abrasive synths, synths that drop moments of chainsaw grind and Acidic burbling amongst the retro chords. We are definitely looking forward to this record. Cut Copy are off on a world tour for the rest of this year, you can find your nearest date here.

♫ Cut Copy – We Are Explorers

Cut Copy’s Free Your Mind is released 5th November.

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[Video] Cut Copy’s ‘Free Your Mind’


Cut Copy   Free Your Mind  Official Video    YouTube

Australian ElectroPoppers extraordinaire Cut Copy’s new single Free Your Mind, with all it’s 90s Indie-Dance leanings has gone and got itself a video. Check it out.

It’s got some Alexander Skarsgard, from True Blood and nothing else really in, and was directed by Christopher Hill and is pretty funny actually. All culty.

Cut Copy’s Free Your Mind is released 5th November.

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[Audio] Cut Copy’s ‘Free Your Mind’



Following on from the last taste we had of Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Cut Copy’s long awaited new album, Let Me Show You, Modular have announced the albums title and dropped the record’s lead track. The album is due out on November and will be titled, Free Your Mind. Here’s the title track.

What does Free Your Mind sound like? Well, pretty much late 80s/early 90s Indie-Dance, it’s almost pure House influenced Madchaster. Baggy jeaned, floppy haired and ‘avin it large. Frantic live drums, classic House piano, big diva backing vocals, Rave whoops, a Chicago influenced bassline, burbling Acid synths and uplifting Beatles-esque choruses. Any of this sounding familiar? It’s an excellently executed revival of the sound and one Cut Copy still injects their personality into. Exciting stuff.

♫ Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

Cut Copy’s Free Your Mind is released 5th November.

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[Audio] Cut Copy’s ‘Let Me Show You’


Cut Copy

As you would have seen from our excited Tweets a week or so ago, Australian SynthPop gurus Cut Copy are back in business. their new single, Let Me Show You, was release on extremely limited edition vinyl. Numbering 120 copies, the record was made as part of a demonstration of the vinyl production process at the recent Pitchfork Music festival, copies soon found their way onto YouTube (and onto our excited Tweets), but Modular have releases the track proper online.

You can breathe a sigh of relief too, the track is top-notch Cut Copy. Still loving their tracks of epic lengths, Let Me Show You is a six minute psychedelic SynthPop oddessy. Huge in scope, the track retains a classic Cut Copy sound whilst delivering something fresh alongside. Bright, starlight synths, a trademark for the band, sparkle through the tune, underpinned by warbling synth bass and slick 909 beats. The beats lead the track into a proto-Rave vibe for the choruses, adding subtly House piano and Acidic murmurings to the mix. But, as with all Cut Copy tracks, it’s the distant, hazy vocals that make the track. We’re hoping this means there’s a third studio album on the horizon.

♫ Cut Copy – Let Me Show You

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Cut Copy remixed by Eleven:Eleven

Cut Copy

We thought the days of reMixes of Australian Indie-Electro masters Cut Copy’s now-classic Hearts On Fire were over. We are glad we were wrong. Austin ElectroPop outfit Eleven:Eleven have whipped up a new take on the track that brings to mind some seriously classic SynthPop.

This one’s all about the big beats and vintage Synth melodies. There’s someone of Depeche Mode’s Behind The Wheel in this mix, especially in the haunting lead line. This mixture of nostalgic refrains and big modern synth production make the track quite unique sounding. Moody, with a marching dance beat, this reMixes shines a whole new light on Cut Copy’s original. Being big fans of the tune, it;s great to hear it presented in such a new way.

Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (Eleven:Eleven ‘The Induction’ Mix)

Hearts On Fire is taken from Cut Copy’s second album In Ghost Colours.

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Cut Copy’s ‘Blink And You’ll Miss A revolution’ video

Here’s the video for Cut Copy’s ‘Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution’.

Get your stinkin’ hand’s off Cut Copy you damn dirty apes!

‘Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution’ is taken from Cut Copy’s latest album ‘Zonoscope’

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Nile Delta’s début EP

Wow, a bit late with this one, about a month it be exact!

Nile Delta is the new project from Joel Dickson, formerly of the amazing Riot In Belgium and one half of Voltage. he released his début EP last month, a double A side ‘Channel’ and ‘All This’ (featuring Ben Browning from Cut Copy). Both tracks are spaced out DiscoPop, ‘Channel’ having more of a Filter-House vibe and this track, ‘All This’ being a Cosmic Disco/ElectroPop odyssey.

turn it up and let it take you away.

Nile Delta (Feat. Ben Browning) – All This

Nile Delta’s ‘Channel’/’All This’ is out now:

Nile Delta @ Beatport

Nile Delta @ Juno

Nile Delta @ 7Digital

Nile Delta @ Amazon

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