Dizkopolis reMix OJ Law

OJ Law

The best thing to come out of Kuala Lumpur and our good friends Dizkopolis have dropped a brand new reMix, and it’s as smooth as ever. this time they are tackling fellow Malaysian and Indie singer OJ Law.

reMixing Law’s track Yoñlu, Dizkopolis have delivered a slick slice of Dreamwave as only the can. Consistently producing the most dreamy of retro synth tracks with a Disco edge this production duo conjure nostalgic feelings of good time with each and every one of their tunes. This reMix of Yoñlu is no different, a laid back Disco beat rolls onwards amongst a lush amalgamation of thick, soft, synths and a walking bassline. This makes the perfect backing for OJ Law’s soft spoken Folksy style and produces a track made for lazing around on the beach. Nothing but good times here.

OJ Law – Yoñlu (Dizkopolis reMix)

Yoñlu is taken from Law’s album Yesterday is a Distant Dream, out now.

Buy OJ Law’s music from:

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