[MP3] The Penelopes reMix David Bowie



As the world goes Nile Rodgers crazy and the man takes his long deserved rightful place as the lord and master of all music everywhere, London based French ElectroPoppers The Penelopes turn their attentions to one of Rodger’s most famous productions. Having completely defined the sound of the early 80s, Nile poured all that into David Bowie’s Let’s Dance album and it’s lead single.

The Penelopes do an amazing job of keeping the feel of the record, replacing Niles post-Disco licks with robotic boogie. Loaded up with warbling apreggios and stabbing, retro sounding, synths riding over the perfect funky rendition of the tracks bassline, deep and Moogy, this reMix is a brave endeavour (I mean, who reMixes Bowie well?) but actually pulls it off. The Penelopes rock up to stand shoulder to shoulder with both Bowie and Rodgers and hold their own. Excellent stuff.

David Bowie – Let’s Dance (The Penelopes reMix)

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