[Audio] Classixx & Nancy Whang



The second single to be taken from their forthcoming, and amazing, début album, Hanging Gardens Classixx is the emotional rush of All Your Waiting For. Following on from  Holding On/Boarderline, All Your Waiting For features the vocals of DFA’s Nancy Whang and delivers classic breezy Disco beats.

Sunshine, west coast, poolside Nu-Disco vibes exude from every second of this track. Despite Whang’s bittersweet song, the mood of the track is kept laid-back with warm synths, a tow-tapping beat and starlight leads. With a wobbly Disco bassline, to inject the track with a little quirkiness, All Your Waiting For serves all your nostalgic Disco needs, whether that’s for the 80s, or for 2007. Broad spectrum nostalgia, that’s what All Your Waiting For delivers.

♫ Classixx (Feat. Nancy Whang) – All You’re Waiting For

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