[Audio] Classixx’s ‘Valley Vacation’



Jeez Classixx, slow down a bit! I guess Classixx are like busses, you wait ages for something to come along then it all comes along at one. No sooner had the poolside Disco duo released two stung singles and a seriously awesome album, Hanging Gardens, than they are releasing another new track, a groovy Deep Disco cut called Valley Vacation.

Valley Vacation is a nice, optimistic slice of synth Disco. Breezy and carefree, the track rolls an a driving arpeggiated bassline that keeps the dance groove going while all manner of shimmering LA-vibe synths playfully bob and weave around the track. But it;s toward the end that the track really hits it;s stride with an immense sax solo that drifts across the track like it’s carried on an 80s breeze.

♫ Classixx – Valley Vacation

Classixx’s Hanging Gardens is out now.

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