[Download] AIMES’ ‘Time For Us’



Brooklyn’s AIMES seems determined to bring a little warmth and summery vibe to these cold winter months with his last few releases. The latest in his series of free singles is Time For Us, and like the others, shows off AIMES’ ability to perfectly blend influences from number of styles that are hot right now, and make them all sound personally unique.

“Vibe Huse” as AIMES calls it, presents us with a heady cocktail of Deep House and Tropical Disco, with just the tiniest hint of Chicago in the mix. A thundering beat provides the backbone for a dazzling array of swing fuelled synths. Blissful arpeggios chug along in the background while the tracks focus is taken by a demon bassline and some sweet island keys. Just sink into this one.

AIMES – Time For Us

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