Lest Diet’s ‘Live Or Diet’ EP

Lest Diet

Lest Diet are a brand new Estonian Nu-Disco outfit who have just released their début EP with the awesome Champagne Records. Their Live Or Diet EP brings some much needed new blood into the Nu-Disco scene and with it brings an injection of musicality and a fresh take on an increasingly stagnant sound.

The Live Or Diet EP is four originals and a reMix from fellow Estonian Mark Slavin. It varies in quality, tracks like Teh Merge being slightly more commonplace sounding than the others, but when it hits, it takes Nu-Disco to another level. The EP’s opener Noodel (You’re All I Want) perfectly exemplifies this, combining a familiar Disco groove with stuttering beats and vintage Funk. Noodel manages to sound immediately comfortable, yet original at the same time. Laked Nadies too, the EPs other highlight, bring a little House and Dreamwave to the mix and end up being a really accessible Disco tune with massive crossover appeal. The EP shows off Lest Diet’s very tight production too. It’s, sonically, a really accomplished EP. The whole EP is available for free, and is well worth your checking out.

Lest Diet – Noodel (You’re All I Want)

Lest Diet – Laked Nadies

You can download the whole Live Or Diet EP, for free, from here.

Check out more from Lest Diet on SoundCloud.

Camaro Kids’ new EP

camaro kids

Here’s the latest slice of Nu-Disco to come out of the Champagne Records stable. This time stepping up to bat it’s  Camaro Kids taking wailing ‘80’s guitar to the Disco.

The ‘Back To The night’ EP is a five track monster of Hair Metal Funk, weaving screaming riffs with dirty cut-up grooves in a way we haven’t really heard single Xinobi’s ‘Varial Kickflip’. From the EP’s self-titled opener its a strong release, full of infectious beats and nostalgic fun. This is full-on, high octane, pretty batshit insane, dancefloor craziness. Let the ‘Back To The Night’ EP guide you into your weekend.

Camaro Kids – Back To The Night

Camaro Kids – Youth

You can download the whole EP for free on Champagne Records’ SoundCloud here.

Buy Camaro Kids’ music from:


Francophilippe’ new album


Champagne Records bare back with another awesome, and free, release. Newcastle Nu-Disco producer Francophilippe delivers a whole album of funked up cuts.

‘Fonkophile’ is a collection of his works to date and perfectly shows off his slick Disco sound. The album contains 14 tracks and each one displays Francophilippe talent for combining the traditional smooth Nu-Disco sound with the kind of chopped-up Ed Banger-esque French Electro of SebastiAn. ‘Fonkophile’ is a pretty prolific collection of two years work, if I had one tiny, tiny complaint it’s that Francophilippe can occasionally be heavy handed with his Sidechaining, going beyond the desired effect and sounding like the track is being dunked in and out of a swimming pool, but that’s just nit-picking really. All-in-all ‘Fonkophile’ is an awesome release.

Francophilippe – Le Fonk

Francophilippe – Stargazer

‘Fonkophile’ is available now from Champagne Records’ SoundCloud.

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Champagne Records’ ‘Parrot Bay’


Champagne Records, purveyors of the finest Nu-Disco jams and one of the most generous labels out there have dropped a massive 32 track compilation of storming sounds. For free!

‘Parrot Bay Vol. 1’ is full to bursting point with track after track of summertime party tunes, laidback grooves and retro epics. Just some of the contributing names include Alexandre Louvré, Marc Dangerfield, Ren Riz & Jesus H Macy, Vostok-1, Hardtopronounce & The Jesterz. amongst the highlights are Tempogeist’s ‘There’s Nothing’, a French House, Disco sampling tune with some wicked leads. Pure party starter. GonZo’s ‘Waves High’ plays with the combination of 80’s synth lines and disco riffs while Flashback’s ‘One The Sea’ is an synthetic soundtrack, Vangelis meets Moroder in the late 70’s carried along by en emotional picked lead.

Tempogeist – There’s Nothing

GonZo – Waves High

Flashback – On The Sea

You can download the whole release on SoundCloud.