Lest Diet’s ‘Live Or Diet’ EP

Lest Diet

Lest Diet are a brand new Estonian Nu-Disco outfit who have just released their début EP with the awesome Champagne Records. Their Live Or Diet EP brings some much needed new blood into the Nu-Disco scene and with it brings an injection of musicality and a fresh take on an increasingly stagnant sound.

The Live Or Diet EP is four originals and a reMix from fellow Estonian Mark Slavin. It varies in quality, tracks like Teh Merge being slightly more commonplace sounding than the others, but when it hits, it takes Nu-Disco to another level. The EP’s opener Noodel (You’re All I Want) perfectly exemplifies this, combining a familiar Disco groove with stuttering beats and vintage Funk. Noodel manages to sound immediately comfortable, yet original at the same time. Laked Nadies too, the EPs other highlight, bring a little House and Dreamwave to the mix and end up being a really accessible Disco tune with massive crossover appeal. The EP shows off Lest Diet’s very tight production too. It’s, sonically, a really accomplished EP. The whole EP is available for free, and is well worth your checking out.

Lest Diet – Noodel (You’re All I Want)

Lest Diet – Laked Nadies

You can download the whole Live Or Diet EP, for free, from here.

Check out more from Lest Diet on SoundCloud.

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