Champagne Records’ ‘Parrot Bay’


Champagne Records, purveyors of the finest Nu-Disco jams and one of the most generous labels out there have dropped a massive 32 track compilation of storming sounds. For free!

‘Parrot Bay Vol. 1’ is full to bursting point with track after track of summertime party tunes, laidback grooves and retro epics. Just some of the contributing names include Alexandre Louvré, Marc Dangerfield, Ren Riz & Jesus H Macy, Vostok-1, Hardtopronounce & The Jesterz. amongst the highlights are Tempogeist’s ‘There’s Nothing’, a French House, Disco sampling tune with some wicked leads. Pure party starter. GonZo’s ‘Waves High’ plays with the combination of 80’s synth lines and disco riffs while Flashback’s ‘One The Sea’ is an synthetic soundtrack, Vangelis meets Moroder in the late 70’s carried along by en emotional picked lead.

Tempogeist – There’s Nothing

GonZo – Waves High

Flashback – On The Sea

You can download the whole release on SoundCloud.

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