Francophilippe’ new album


Champagne Records bare back with another awesome, and free, release. Newcastle Nu-Disco producer Francophilippe delivers a whole album of funked up cuts.

‘Fonkophile’ is a collection of his works to date and perfectly shows off his slick Disco sound. The album contains 14 tracks and each one displays Francophilippe talent for combining the traditional smooth Nu-Disco sound with the kind of chopped-up Ed Banger-esque French Electro of SebastiAn. ‘Fonkophile’ is a pretty prolific collection of two years work, if I had one tiny, tiny complaint it’s that Francophilippe can occasionally be heavy handed with his Sidechaining, going beyond the desired effect and sounding like the track is being dunked in and out of a swimming pool, but that’s just nit-picking really. All-in-all ‘Fonkophile’ is an awesome release.

Francophilippe – Le Fonk

Francophilippe – Stargazer

‘Fonkophile’ is available now from Champagne Records’ SoundCloud.

Buy Francophilippe’s music from:


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