Betamaxx is a one-man project hailing from Pittsburgh. Producer Nick Morey explores his love of synths and retro sounds to it’s fullest. What you get in his music is an amazing mix of analog Disco, ‘80’s movie soundtracks and floor shaking Electro. There’s definitely some big sounds coming out of the US version of The Steel City (the real Steel City, of course, being home of The Human League, Heaven 17 and Cabaret Voltaire, Sheffield).

We’ve got two tracks here for you to sample. today. Fist up is Syntax Analysis, a track that kicks off with deep robot synths and a B-Boy beat tempered with soaring analog leads and the track soon descend into a full-on retro synth love-in.  Betamaxx’s production is top quality, which is a good job because his tracks are pretty intricately crafted and multi layered, in the hands of a less deft producer things could get muddy, but Betamaxx handles everything with ease, allowing each element of the music to breathe and letting the listener soak up the nostalgic synthesizer sounds. Pittsburgh Nights adds a little Electro Boogie into the mix with a frantic, punchy, synth bassline, and rapid-fire rhythms. As with Syntax Analysis, Betamaxx juxtaposes the manic with the beautiful, in the form of blissful, and funky, electronic melodies. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Betamaxx from now on.

Betamaxx – Syntax Analysis (First Cut)

Betamaxx – Pittsburgh Nights (First Cut)

Check out more from Betamaxx on SoundCloud.

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