New Alice In Videoland track!!!

AliceIn Videoland2

This has really made my day!

The almighty Alice In Videoland have dropped a new track, the first new material since 2008’s ‘She’s a Machine’, and it’s classic AiV! ‘Psychobitch’ see a return to the electronic Pop-Punk of the ‘Outrageous!’ album over the more EBM influenced last album, and that is no bad thing!

With heavy bass, screaming synths and some really punky vocals from Toril, its good to have this riotous, Electro rockin’, badass AiV back!

I don’t want to repeat myself but Alice In Videoland really put other bands who call themselves ‘ElectroPunk’ to shame.

AiV have been kind enough to allow me to share the new track with you lot!

Alice In Videoland – Psychobitch (zShare) (MediaFire)

Read about how much electronic rumors loves AiV here, then go buy some stuff!

Alice In Videoland @ Alice In Videoland Store

Alice In Videoland @ Amazon

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