New Alice In Videoland single! Spaceship


Long-time readers of electronic rumors should be no strangers to Swedish ElectroPunk outfit Alice In Videoland (they even made our top 20 tracks of 2009!), they are one band we can’t help but get enthusiastic about.

Some exiting news, then, coming out of AiV HQ, the guys are finalizing the recording of new material and are gearing up for the release of a brand new single!

‘Spaceship’ is one of the most commercial tracks to come out of the AiV camp (despite the lyrical content), but that’s no bad thing. Pushing their raw ElectroPunk sound into territories verging on Electro-House and Pop, the single is like Lady GaGa or Goldfrapp run through a distortion pedal. Catchy as hell (something a little bit lacking from their last album) with an infections riff ‘Spaceship’ reminds you of just how in-your-face electronic music, and even Pop, can be in the right hands.

Alice In Videoland have been kind enough to allow me to share the track with you lot:

Alice In Videoland – Spaceship (zShare) (MediaFire)

A definite welcome return for Alice’s Electro-Pop-Punk soundclash.

The ‘Spaceship’ single is released 21st April on Wonderland Records.

Alice In Videoland @ Beatport

Alice In Videoland @ Juno

Alice In Videoland @ 7Digital

Alice In Videoland @ Amazon

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