[Download] datA’s ‘Soldier’s Flag’



This week one of our favourite French producers of all time, the always excellent datA, releases his new single, Soldier’s Flag. It’s his first record in what seems like an age. So long in fact, that we didn’t even know if this guy was still going; but we are very pleased to report that not only is he still going, but his new record, whilst a slight change from his pervious work, is pretty infectious. The Soldier’s Flag single also comes equipped with reMixes from Bottin and Reflex.

Soldier’s Flag is a seeming strange combination of a smooth, soulful tune and a gritty Electro-House beast. But datA make it work, intertwining a hypnotic, dirty synth riff with a vintage sounding vocal hook. Riding the wave of Gesaffelstein-esque post-EBM Techno without ever falling into the genre trap. datA bring a little sweet musicality; an emotional quality to this grinding Electro resulting in something tough, but expressive and involving to dance to.An interesting direction for datA.

datA – Soldier’s Flag (Club Mix)

datA’s Soldier’s Flag is out now.

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