[Video] Oh Land’s ‘My Boxer’


Oh Land   My Boxer   YouTube

Here’s the new single from Norwegian Brooklyn resident Oh Land. My Boxer is a pounding Electro workout taken from her forthcoming third album, Wish Bone that sees Oh Land take on a more in-your-face style.

The video is pretty simple, Oh Land on a bike, with a dog, not much more to add.

Oh Land’s Wish Bone is due out in September.

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[Video] Yuksek & Oh Land’s ‘Last Of Our Kinds’


Yuksek feat. Oh Land   Last of Our Kinds  Official Video    YouTube

Yuksek and Oh Land’s Last Of Out Kinds. You know we like it by now.

Ines Marzat directs the video, which is a little abstract. NO sure what it has to do with the track, but it;s nice to look at.

Yuksek’s Partyfine EP#1 is out now.

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[MP3] Yuksek & Oh Land



We’ve raved about French prodigy Yuksek’s new, Oh Land featuring, single a couple of times, but not yet been able to play you the track itself. Now the single is out, on Yuksek’s own new label Partyfine, the original (and best) mix and Yuksek’s own Club Mix are officially online for your listening pleasure, one of the catchiest singles of the year.

It’s hard to what to say about Last Of Our Kinds, kinda’ needs to be heard. It’s a swirling orchestra of drama and tribal drums. With a piano hook like a 70s musical, complete with “ahhh-ahhh”s and Oh Land’s 60s-esque vocal being the icing on the cake. It’s not your usual Electro track, it’s not your usual Pop track, but it works so well. Yuksek’s club take on the track delivers big beats to go with the quirky infectiousness. Stabby synths and a ton of clap and snare rolls, buzzing basses and deep electronic grooves, make this mix both a dancefloor smash, but quite ecclectic too. If you haven;t already you need to check out this single package right now.

Yuksek (Feat. Oh Land) – Last Of Our Kinds

Yuksek (Feat. Oh Land) – Last Of Our Kinds (Yuksek Club Mix)

Yuksek’s Partyfine EP#1 is released 13th May.

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[Audio] Yuksek & Oh Land reMixed by La Félix



We’ve got another reMix of Yuksek’s incredibly infectious new single, the Oh Land featuring Last Of Our Kinds, right here. Last Of Our Kinds is the lead track on Yuksek’s forthcoming new EP, Partyfine EP#1, out on Monday on Yuksek’s own new Partyfine imprint. This reMix by the mysterious La Félix isn’t featured on the EP, but provides a nice little Disco excursion on the version. Hat tip to Jakob at Disco Demons for turning us on to this one.

Last Of Our Kinds is a big, epic ElectroPop tune with a 60s twist and a cinematic chorus, La Félix effortlessly morphs it into a lazy summer Disco tune whist keeping all the original’s dramatic flair. Mixing the majestic piano with a warbling Disco bassline, La Félix crafts a solid, funky, backing with a  lush French Touch vibe, complete with a baroque synth line and chirpy strings. It’s actually a lot better than on or two of the reMixes on the single, it’s great to see what other people are doing with this sweeping vocal.

♫ ♫ Yuksek (Feat. Oh Land) – Last Of Our Kinds (La Félix reMix)

Yuksek’s Partyfine EP#1 is released 13th May.

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[Audio] Yuksek & Oh Land reMixed by Michael Garçon



We’ve been waiting to post something from the forthcoming new Yuksek EP for a while now. Having had out hands on it for the last couple of weeks, it has been given pretty have rotation round these parts. Soon to be the première release on Yuksek’s own label, Partyfine, the EP two original tracks, Last Of Our Kinds, featuring Oh Land and Truth, featuring Juveniles, are both stunning slices of infectious Pop. Some may be put off by Yuksek’s move away from dance music with these tunes, but to our mind he’s always been better as a producer of massive Pop tracks anyway. Last Of Our Kinds in particular is an epic Pop tune with a 60s twist. To get a taste, and a dancefloor workout of the track, here the reMix from Michael Garçon.

Garçon give the track a dancefloor kick and Disco groove, which, when coupled witht the originals, big cinematic vocal, works really well. This mix has actually really grown on us. With it’s rolling Disco bass and vintage strings it manages to take the track to more mirrorballed surroundings while keeping all the songs rousing drama. Sam Tiba, Kasper Bjørke and Yuksek himself provide the other reMixes on Partyfine EP#1 in a host of styles, Michael Garçon provides the smooth Disco grooves.

♫ Yuksek (Feat. Oh Land) – Last Of Our Kinds (Michael Garçon reMix)

Yuksek’s Partyfine EP#1 is released 13th May.

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Yuksek returns to reMix Oh Land

Things have been quiet of late from the awesome Yuksek camp, so much so I’d nearly forgotten about him, but showing us he’s still alive he’s back here to reMix the new single from Oh Land .

Oh Land is Nanna Øland Fabricius, a Dane living in New York who’s music is eclectic,  slightly jazzy, singer/songwriter stuff. Yuksek’s reMix of ‘Son Of a Gun’ is pure electro funk. Not as frantic as previous Yuksek productions, there’s more of a steady groove going on on this track. and it’s better for it!

Oh Land – Son Of A Gun (Yuksek reMix)

Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun

Oh Land’s début album is out now, details of where to buy on her MySpace

Oh Land @ MySpace

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