[MP3] Rebeka’s ‘Unconscious’



Polish ElectroPop duo Rebeka, who you may remember from last year’s Stars on Discotexas, release their new album today. Hellada is a twelve track ElectroPop oddessy that comes out of Kamp!’s label Brennnessel, and to celebrate the release the duo are giving away one of the albums tracks, Unconscious.

If Unconscious is anything to go by, the album’s going to be areal treat. A distant, ecclectic slice of ElectroPop. With a gently synth backing, made up of pulsating bass and warm tones, the track creates a dreamlike, hazy mood with more than a little 80s SynthPop referencing going on. Iwona’s vocals glide over the song like slightly eerie silk. Loaded with surprising flourishes Unconscious brings some enigmatic, haunting, but irresistibly groovy, SynthPop into your life. Check out the album.

Rebeka – Unconscious

Rebeka’s Hellada album is out today.

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