[MP3] New track from Nude Disco



Here we have a brand new slice of smooth synth Disco from London’s Nude Disco. Apparently this is taken from a forthcoming Nude Disco records sampler. Apparently there’s a Nude Disco Records now, and apparently this is from a samples they are putting out. Looks line Vern is holed up in South London creating a media Empire with the awesome Nude Disco clubnight, the music and now a label. Disco things are happening.

Anyhoo, global Disco dominance aside, this latest tune is a blissfully chilled excursion on thick synths and wicked licks. Weaving a little SynthWave and a little squelchy LA Funk into the track, Vern serves up a plethora of summertime sounds. With everyone making such soulful summer jams these days, we seem to be stockpiling some serious sunshine tunes of mass destruction, to be used the minute the sun comes out for more that two hours.

Nude Disco – Pen Pals

Buy Nude Disco’s music from:

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