The Frost’s new tunes

The Frost

Russian Nu-Disco producer The Frost has graced these pages a couple of times now, we’ve really been diggin’ his commination of Disco, House and vintage sounds. He’s just dropped three, yes three, brand new tracks. Just like that, no EP, so single, just three new tunes to get your ears around. It’s like a Disco treat.

So what’s new? Well, of the tree new tracks, two of the are vocal, and amazing, and the other one is instrumental, and amazing. Night Driving is the vox-less tune, but what it lacks in voice, it makes up for in richness. Layers upon layers of lush synths build a retro sound over a solid Disco backing. Despite the heavy rhythm section, it’s quite a light and airy tune, bringing the Dreamwave to the Nu-Disco. Perfecto Love (You Will Die) kicks off with a pulsating electronic groove before evolving into something quite unique. It’s Disco and House, but with an almost Celtic flavour. The piercing synths and ethereal vocals from Elenitia give it a quality not heard a lot in Dance music, arrangement wise it;s almost a Rock track, made with synths. Dancey as hell though. Sexy Frictions brings the Electro groove back, once again with Elenitia on vocals, this one is a big euphoric tune. Keeping a tiny bit of Perfecto Love’s ethereal quality, this track applies it to some straight up modern Electro Boogie. Punchy beats and flying digital synth riffs make this tune a total jump up track.

The Frost – Night Driving (Original Mix)

The Frost (Feat. Elenita) – Perfecto Love (You Will Die)

The Frost (Feat. Elenita) – Sexy Frictions (Original Mix)

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