Soft Metals’ reMix EP

soft metals

This May Portland ElectroPop duo Soft Metals, who crafted one of our favourite albums of last year, are releasing a collection of reMixes from the aforementioned, self-titled, album on 12” and digital.

‘The reMixes’ contains five varied and interesting (8 on the digital release) interpretations of tracks from the album. Amongst the talent brought in to provide versions are VALIS, Yard, Waves, and The Drum who all deliver some stunning listening alongside out picks from the EP. Xander Harris’ take on Soft Metals best known track, ‘Psychic Driving’ presents us with an old school EBM beat against some sharp synths that threaten to veer off into Italo territory at times. The version of ‘Eyes Closed’ from Copy is a deep early 90’s House track with a lush square wave bass. A definite highlight of the EP. Casa Del Mirto turn ‘Do You Remember?’ into a beautiful, almost Balearic, ElectroPop track that evolves into some full-on sunrise Acid. The last of our picks is from The Soulless Party, who also take on ‘Psychic Driving’ and give it a dreamlike retro SynthPop makeover. As an added bonus, a big chunk of the proceeds from sales will go to Doctors Without Borders. Excellent electronic music and helping a worth cause, that’s a win/win!

♫ Soft Metals – Psychic Driving (Xander Harris reMix)

♫ Soft Metals – Eyes Closed (Copy reMix)

♫ Soft Metals – Do You Remember? (Casa Del Mirto Extended reMix)

♫ Soft Metals – Psychic Driving (The Soulless Party reMix) (Digital Only)

Soft Metals ‘The reMixes’ is released on 12” and download on 15th May via Sweating Tapes.

Buy Soft Metals’ music from:


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