Awkoder reMixes Edgework


Released yesterday was the new single from French electronic act Edgework. the reMix package contains this gem from the awesome SynthWaver Awkoder.

So light and fluffy is Awkoder’s reMix, that’s it’s practically ElectroPop. There’s actually quite a strong strain of New Order DNA running through this track. The bassline, the bright shiny synths, the arrangement, all capture something of  New Order in the early ‘80’s, bits of ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Shellshock’ spring to mind. This, of course, is all injected with Awkoder’s Nu-Italo synthesizer skills and results in a nice slice of retro synth nostalgia.

♫ Edgework – Night Mechanics (Awkoder reMix)

‘Night Mechanics’ is out now on Plastic Toy Records.

Buy Edgework’s music from:

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