Lost Years goes ‘Digital’

lost years

Some people just don’t know their own talent.

Here’s what SynthWave producer Lost Years wrote about this track on SoundCloud: “I’m not really sure about this track… I’ve been working with it for a week and that’s not my usual ‘style’. Most of the time I do a track in 3 hours. I think I tried too hard with this one and It did not came out as good as it should. Trash bin or not… you decide?”. I’ve no idea how he can remain so humble about such an awesome tune. ‘Digital V1’ is retro synth heaven. A mid-paced, brooding peice of post-Italo electronic scoring that conjures the calm before the storm. Running digital basses and delay heavy percussion are lifted into the stratosphere by some epic leads in a track that feels all about anticipation.  When shit’s about to go down, this is the soundtrack.

♫ Lost Years – Digital V1

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One comment on “Lost Years goes ‘Digital’

  1. This is defiantly a groundbreaking tune if I ever heard one. It’s dark, sinister and puts you in that dark ominous mood every human needs to feel now and again. Lost Years is a great producer and I’m hoping he does more of this style, because the world needs to hear this.

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