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Mark Ronson

Vice and Intel’s The Creators Project just goes from strength to strength. The project is not only a showcase for creative innovation but also is designed to facilitate content creation form some of the hippest music and arts creators around right now. This month workaholic producer Mark Ronson takes some time out to put trumpets all over the project. check out his video here,, where the man speaks on producing Lily Allen & Amy Winehouse, his love of analog synths and 60’s recording techniques. It’s an interesting watch for any musical gear geeks! While you’re there check out some of the other creators spotlights on the likes of Diplo, N.A.S.A.PhoenixBrodinskiCSS and Peaches.

When you’ve watched your fill, why not come on back and check out Kissy Sell Out’s 2007 bootleg of Ronson’s ‘Stop Me’:

Mark Ronson – Stop Me (Kissy Sell Out’s True Romance reMix)

Mark Ronson @ Beatport

Mark Ronson @ Juno

Mark Ronson @ 7Digital

Mark Ronson @ Amazon

[Via Vice Magazine]

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