Right, I’m kicking off this post with a confession. you remember the hiatus we had for a few months last year? Well, we receive literally hundreds of items of promotional music weekly, and during that period a whole lot got overlooked, ignored or even binned. I didn’t even know if the site was coming back at the time. I didn’t have the time to work on the site at all, let alone give everything we receive a fair listen.

Some things fell through the cracks, and for that I am truly sorry.

Why the sudden remorse? Well, this past weekend I was lucky enough to catch live one of the acts who’s emails were buried in the inbox build-up around that time. They are called :kinema: and they blew me away!

There’s a whole lot of upcoming ElectroPop acts from the UK, amazing talents who are embracing the Dreamwave sound and applying it to British SynthPop, but who’s got our smooth and soulful Electro-Funk-Pop base covered? :kinema: have, and they could easily go toe-to-toe with Chromeo!

Already drawing comparisons to the likes of Hot Chip and Phoenix, this Brighton band has been nurturing their sound since 2007 and last year dropped their début EP, ‘Circles’ Amongst the reMixes of the title track was this one by Soul Jazz man Secondo who’s Housey rework injects an deep early 90’s warehouse bassline into the track.

:kinema: – Circles (Secondo Vocal reMix)

Michal Jackson tribute ‘White Socks For Dancin’’ is pure Disco-Pop awesomeness with more than a small nod to mid 80’s Electro/Pop/Soul.

:kinema: – White Socks For Dancin’

:kinema: have just released a brand new single titled ‘Recreation’ which is backed with their cover of Animal collective’s ‘My’ Girl’, check their website, http://kinema.co.uk/, for the lowdown.

:kinema: – My Girls (Animal Collective Cover)

Also, check their recent collaboration with Swedish producer Beem:

Beem – Manka (:kinema: Vocal Edit)

Chromeo seriously need to start watching their backs!

:kinema: @ Juno

:kinema: @ 7Digital

:kinema: @ Amazon

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