Wonderful Life Vs. Wonderful Life

It can’t just be me?

I can’t be the only one?

I find myself completely unable to hum/sing to myself this:

Without ending up humming/singing to myself this:

Black and white videos? Suits? Saxophone solos? Five letter bandnames? Songs called “Wonderful Life” that have the lyric “It’s a Wonderful Life” in the chorus? C’mon, are they trying to mess with my head?

But with all that in common they sound totally different, are totally different songs. Black’s 1987 Synth-Soul classic holds a lot of memories for me and as much as it has a place in my heart it has been really outdone by HURTS SynthPop powerhouse.

I do suggest you own both though!

HURTS @ Townsend Records

HURTS @ Amazon

Black @ 7Digital

Black @ Amazon

3 comments on “Wonderful Life Vs. Wonderful Life

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  2. Black’s “Wonderful Life” is by far the best! And their bonus track “It’s Not You Lady Jane” remains one of my absolute favourite tracks of the 1980s.

    • Believe me, I’m not dissing Black! It’s one of those songs I actually get memories of where I was when I first heard it (on the Top40) so bad I can smell it!
      HURTS’ track is SO good though!

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