Sandi Sirocco


Sandi Sirocco is the name of a band, not a person, and it’s a name you should remember because it one you will be hearing lots about in the coming year, these three guys and one girl based in London going to blow up, seriously!

They are one of those bands that just has you gobsmacked to learn they are unsigned. You can just tell there will be much Sandi Sirocco hype in the coming months and they will soon be fighting labels off.

The melting pot of a half-Spaniard, a Russian-Ukrainian, a Georgian and a Scot create a sound quite unlike and other Electro act out there

Their high energy Synth Disco combines analog ElectroPop of the very early futurists with the musical theatricality of early Soft Cell.

I’m gonna’ make you put in the effort and head over to their MySpace to check the music. So while you’re there, play nice and show Sandi Sirocco some love!

Sandi Sirocco @ MySpace

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