The Presets’ ‘Ghosts’ video

Right then, I had written quite a long post about The Presets’ new single, Ghosts, when it was released, but unfortunately, the record label or PR people or whoever deemed that providing a stream of the track somewhere in order to get, essentially, free advertising from music websites was just too easy and not allowing the song to be streamed was a much more challenging route. So despite having written the tracks praises, we could not feature it until now. Weeks after the single’s release there is a new video for the track (I don’t know who handling the release track for The Presets, but they need a better calendar, a video should be promotion for a single, not an afterthought) so we can finally feature it in some for. This is what we had wrote previously, but been unable to post:

It’s not just a crazy dream, they really are back! After the storming first single from their forthcoming album Pacifica, Australian ElectroPop/House gods The Presets are unveiling yet more teasers for their third proper album. Overnight, Ghosts has had exactly the reaction that a good The Presets song should have. Very divided opinion. Mostly negative comment have come from the kind of person who got ‘into’ The Presets quite late and only really knows the hits. The Presets were never about producing ‘bangers’ or whatever, regardless of how some people like to see them, their output has consistently, from the beginning, been about producing intelligent, left-field electronic Pop music that often contains surprises. And this they have done once more with Ghosts.

Hypnotic is the best way to describe Ghosts. Like an electronic Folk tale, the urban narrative found within Ghosts tells a tale, maybe a warning, for the 21st century and it is sung as such. The warm, heavy, bass and enveloping strings just invite the listener to stay and pay further attention. Ghosts is a gentle track, despite it’s dancehall groove, with The Presets showing us that the new album isn’t going to be all about the kind of musical assault that we’d heard with the previous single, Youth In Trouble, and this is excellent news. The Presets are always at their best when doing intimate, emotionally resonant songs.

Enjoy the clip.

The Presets’ Ghost is out now.

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The Presets’ ‘Youth In Trouble’

You know what I thought when I went to bed last night? I thought ‘I hope there’s a new track from The Presets released when I wake up’, their first new track for four years’. Look what happened!

Youth In Trouble is finally out today. A hypnotic, undulating, acidic odyssey. Both abrasive and funky as hell. Yoshi Sodeoka directs the video effects hell video, an assault on the senses to match the track.

Youth In Trouble is out now with reMixes from Green Velvet, Alex Metric, and The Finger Prince & Light Year (although we can find it in any store that sells decent quality downloads yet, just iTunes).

The Presets new album Pacifica is out 14th September on Modular.

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The Presets are back!

Here on electronic rumors, like most reputable web music publication, don’t use teasers. We don’t use clips, we don’t use trailers and we don’t use excerpts. For obvious reasons. This is a pretty hard and fast rule, however there is probably about four artists in the world who could make us break that rule. The Presets are one of them. We love The Presets, it cannot be understated how much we love The Presets, the perfect combination of Pop, Electro-House and ElectroPunk and one of the best live bands in electronic music. For them, we break the rules.

So imagine our excitement when a cryptic email landed in the electronic rumors Inbox with nothing but a URL, and some flashing .gifs. The website loops a YouTube video that the Electro duo posted to their Facebook page mentioning they were working on album three. Get you ears around the pumping  electronic madness, all 40 seconds of it!

More details should be coming at the end of the month. Exciting times! Check out and keep an eye on the YouthInTrouble twitter account.

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K I M of The Presets reMixes Midnight Juggernauts


The time is nearly upon is, Midnight Juggernauts new album ‘the Crystal Axis’ drops at the end of this month.

In anticipation check out this deep and strange reMix of the first single from the album, ‘Vital Signs’ by K I M, who is, of course. one half of The Presets. Filtering and shifting the vocals makes for an atmospheric vibe over the top of a burbling, 303, backing that sound not unlike The Presets themselves.

Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs (K I M (Kim From The Presets) reMix)

‘The Crystal Axis’ is released 28th May.

Midnight Juggernauts @ Beatport

Midnight Juggernauts @ 7Digital

Midnight Juggernauts @ Amazon

A bunch of Short Circuit reMixes!


The good folks at LA based Dreamwave/SynthPop label Binary stopped by the electronic rumors inbox to drop off a bunch of reMixes, some old, some new showcasing the production talents of Andrew Verner A.K.A. Short Circuit just ahead of his début album release.

His reMixes of Keenhouse’s ‘Mecho Maniac’ and The Presets’ ‘Kicking And Screaming’ have been knocking around for a while now but perfectly show off Andrews unique take on the Dreamwave sound, kinda’ like a rawer, more analog version take on the genre.

He’s also dropped two new reMixes of 80’s classics Def Leppard’s ‘Foolin’’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’, which display a more urgent, almost more aggressive, evolution to his style.

Keenhouse – Mecho Maniac (Short Circuit reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The Presets – Kicking And Screaming (Short Circuit reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Michael Jackson – Beat It (Short Circuit reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Def Leppard – Foolin’ (Short Circuit reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Andrew has been locked away in his studio for months and Binary will be releasing the results very soon.

Short Circuit @ Beatport

Short Circuit @ Amazon

The Presets’ ‘If I Know You’ reMixed


Naked Highway have only gone and reMixed one of my favourite tracks by The Presets haven’t they!

Their take on ‘If I Know You’ is a full on Roland-fest, old school clean Roland sounds make up this straight up dance mix. I love this track anyway, I swear it’d be impossible to mess up a reMix with these vocals.

Really dsiggin the drums in this.

Oh, and there’s a Radio Edit in case you’re, y’know, ADD or something.

The Presets – If I Know You (The Empulsive Naked Highway Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The Presets – If I Know You (The Empulsive Naked Highway Radio Edit) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Go grab yourself some The Presets!

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The Presets @ Juno

The Presets @ 7Digital

The Presets @ Amazon

The Presets’ ‘Kicking & Screaming’ video

Looks like track 1 from their almost perfect ‘Apocalypso’ album will be The Presets next single, released in June

Modular Recordings have just premiered the video over on their ModBlog.

Check it:

Time to play guess the reMixers?

The Presets @ Beatport

The Presets @ Juno

The Presets @ 7Digital

The Presets @ Amazon

The Presets reMixed by Heartbreak!!!


We’ve already posted the video for The Presets‘ next single, the wonderful ‘If I Know You’, one of the reMixes we were very exited to hear was by Italo-ElectroPopsters Heartbreak.

Well here it is!

The Presets – If I Know You (Heartbreak reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Heartbreak seem to be consistently brilliant in everything the do and pairing The Presets with them it like ElectroPop gold!

‘If I Know You’ will be out in late march on Modular Recordings.

Grab a taste!

The Presets @ Beatport

The Presets @ Juno

The Presets @ 7Digital

The Presets @ Amazon

Heartbreak @ Beatport

Heartbreak @ Juno

Heartbreak @ 7Digital

Heartbreak @ Amazon

The Presets; New video and single news!!!

Yesterday, The Presets premièred their new video for the upcoming single ‘If I Know You’:

The video is directed by Eva Husson (who directed the acclaimed short for M83’s Kim and Jessie)

‘If I Know You’ is possibly my favourite track off of last years, absolutely stunning, ‘Apocalypso’ so I’m chuffed it’s getting single treatment, even more so if you take into account the reMix line up, which includes Tom Middleton, Via Tania & Jori Hulkkonen, Chaim, Heartbreak and Vince Clarke!!!

‘If I Know You’ will be out in late march on Modular Recordings, more news as we have it.

If there is anyone out there stupid enough not to have The Presets’ last two albums, they can rectify the matter at the vendors below:

The Presets @ Beatport

The Presets @ Juno

The Presets @ 7Digital

The Presets @ Amazon