The Presets are back!

Here on electronic rumors, like most reputable web music publication, don’t use teasers. We don’t use clips, we don’t use trailers and we don’t use excerpts. For obvious reasons. This is a pretty hard and fast rule, however there is probably about four artists in the world who could make us break that rule. The Presets are one of them. We love The Presets, it cannot be understated how much we love The Presets, the perfect combination of Pop, Electro-House and ElectroPunk and one of the best live bands in electronic music. For them, we break the rules.

So imagine our excitement when a cryptic email landed in the electronic rumors Inbox with nothing but a URL, and some flashing .gifs. The website loops a YouTube video that the Electro duo posted to their Facebook page mentioning they were working on album three. Get you ears around the pumping  electronic madness, all 40 seconds of it!

More details should be coming at the end of the month. Exciting times! Check out and keep an eye on the YouthInTrouble twitter account.

Buy The Presets’ music from:


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