[MP3] Futurewife reMixes Yasmin’s ‘Thinking About You’



The latest track from Seattle based Nu-Disco producer Futurewife comes in the form of this cheeky reMix of London Soulstress Yasmin’s Thinking About You. Proclaiming the track one of his “favorite tracks this year”, we imagine Futurewife couldn’t resist having a crack at the tune. What producer wouldn’t want to get their hands on those vocals?

Thinking About You is originally a cover of the 1985 Whitney Huston hit, which Yasmin more than does justice. With a slight Caron Wheeler inflection to her voice, Yasmin makes for the perfect subject for a sweet Nu-Disco reMix, and Futurewife really steps up to the plate. Bringing a smooth poolside vibe to the track, Futurewife works slick little Disco licks and haunting synth riffs for an atmospheric, but effortlessly funky, vibe. It;s a nice combination of being upbeat enough for the dancefloor and dreamy enough to chill too. Enjoy.

Yasmin – Thinking About You (Futurewife reMix)

Yasmin’s ‘Thinking About You’ is out now.

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[Video] Goin’ Old School: Information Society, D-Mob (Feat. Gary Haisman) & Five Star


Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

A mixed bag today kicking off with post-EBM SynthPoppers Information Society and their 1988 hit Walking Away.

The song that alerted the UK press to the existence of Acid House, D-Mob & Gary Haisman We Call It Acieed, from 1988.

And some smooth ElectroPop Soul from Five Star‘s 1986 hit, Can’t Wait Another Minute.

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[Video] Goin’ Old School: Soul II Soul, Robert Palmer & Nine Ways To Win


Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

First up today it;s one of our favourite tracks from London’s Soul II Soul. The track that started it all, 1988’s Fairplay, featruing Rose Windross.

Here’s Robert Palmer’s synth driven Johnny And Mary from 1980.

And lastly some obscure British Pop from 1983 and Nine Ways To Win’s Close To You.

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[Audio] Lenno reMixes Nabiha


When there’s a new Lenno track in town, we have to take notice. The young Finnish producer is easily one of our favourite artists to emerge in recent year. Whenever we’re in the mood for some uplifting, big room, Disco sounds he’s our go-to guy. he’s presented something a little different with his new reMix, this take on Danish/African diva Nabiha’s recent Mind The Gap single is a little more laid back and soulful that we’re used to from Lenno, but it’s an excellent addition to his repertoire.

Mixing his Disco and House roots with an almost 90s Nu-Soul, or Acid Jazz flavour, Lenno delivers a tune that is as dancefloor friendly as it is fit for enjoying a drink in the summer sun. A sweet mixture of piano hooks and a upbeat brass section give the track quite a live feel whilst keeping it’s Dance Music roots and following the structure of the song, allowing Nabiha’s big vocals to really shine. Lenno really is at the top of his game, few of his contemporaries come close.

♫ Nabiha – Mind The Gap (Lenno reMix)

Lenno’s reMix of Mind The Gap is released on disco:wax Records’ reMixes Part 8.

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[MP3] Soul II Soul reMixed by Follow Me

Soul II Soul

Let us begin by saying that, for various reasons, Soul II Soul have a big place in our hearts, so we approach reMixes with trepidation. When this version of Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?) landed in out inbox we were hesitant, but the fact that it comes from awesome Brooklyn duo Follow Me piqued our interest.

So, once you’ve got over Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?) without that modified Grand Central Station break (and that’s quite a hurdle to get over) Follow Me do an awesome job bringing the track to modern dancefloors. With a deep, deep bass groove Follow Me walk the line between House and SynthWave bringing a Warehouse vibe but a little of SynthWave’s retro flare. Adding some playful melodies, this duo somehow manage to retain some of the mood of the originals whist aiming it squarely at House parties. Follow Me have treated the original with respect and turned-in a fantastic update, you should check this out.

Soul II Soul (Feat. Caron Wheeler) – Back to Life (However Do You Want Me?) (Follow Me reMix)

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