Owl City’s new video

ElectroPop Marmite Owl City has premiered the video for his forthcoming single ‘Deer In The Headlights’.

It a rousing tune and the clip features a cameo from LIGHTS.

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Owl City gets the magic touch of Grum


I remember a few weeks ago Grum saying on Twitter that he was reMixing Owl City, I thought he was joking…apparently not!

Unlike I lot of people, I actually don’t hate Owl City, they remind me of a Poppier The Postal Service, and I did like The Postal Service (and I like Pop!). So I’m OK with OC going in but damn does Grum work some serious magic here. In a way he’s taken Owl City, and made it Monarchy, and that’s an ace thing to do! The mixture of Adam Young’s introspective, borderline Emo, SynthPop and Grum’s Disco infused Dreamwave creates this genius dancefloor ElectroPop gold!

Owl City – Umbrella Beach (Grum reMix) (Sharebee) (MediaFire)

‘Umbrella Beach’, the second single from the ‘Ocean Eyes’ album , is out soon.

Owl City @ Juno

Owl City @ 7Digital

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LIGHTS; new single in the UK


Every time I post about LIGHTS I feel like I should disclose certain information. ElectroPop, Keytars, Hot Girls and Canada are four of my favourite things in the world. Kinda’ makes me powerless to resist…

In her continuing battle to break the UK, LIGHTS releases her second single this side of the Atlantic, ‘Saviour’. Although the track itself is quite old (in the US at least) Owl City’s Adam Young has dropped a brand new reMix of it which is very like the original but with added Owl City sparkle and Adam’s highly AutoTuned vocals sneaking in the background.

LIGHTS – Saviour (Adam Young (Owl City) reMix) (Sharebee) (MediaFire)

‘Saviour’ is released in the UK on 10th May.


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon