Owl City’s new video

ElectroPop Marmite Owl City has premiered the video for his forthcoming single ‘Deer In The Headlights’.

It a rousing tune and the clip features a cameo from LIGHTS.

Buy Owl City’s music from:


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LIGHTS’ new ‘My Boots’ reMix

Canadian SynthPop goddess LIGHTS has reMixed herself, for chuckles apparently.

Her last single, ‘My Boots’, was probably the most Disco tune she’s done to date, so for this reMix she’s run in the other direction and gone darkside on the track. ‘Re:Boots’ centres around some heavy, almost Industrial, rapid fire drums and wall of sound production give the tune a new edge. It’s not quite got the groove of the original, but replaces that with a live feel and rawness.

LIGHTS – Re:Boots (My Boots reMix)

LIGHTS is holed up right now working on her sophomore album.


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon

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LIGHTS’ new single

Today saw the Canadian release of Torontonian ElectroPop goddess LIGHTS’ first single from her upcoming second studio album

The track, ‘My Boots’, sees LIGHTS shuffling slowly toward a more Disco sound. Although the verses have an almost Passion Pit-esq Indie-electro quality the choruses and bridge are pure DiscoPop, even having something of the Kylie about them. Which is all good! It’s an awesome taste of what’s to come from one of the most unique females voices in ElectroPop.

LIGHTS – My Boots (Single Version)

‘My Boots’ is out today in Canada, it’ll hit the UK and US on 19th October.

That there was a 128kbps teaser of the single, head on over to your retailer of choice to pick up the full quality single:


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon

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OK, we gave you a taster of Echoes last week with their ‘Ice Cold’ video, now we reckon the time has come to drop some of their music on you lot.

I’ve got no problem saying straight away that I’m pretty exited about this London based ElectroPop duo, the guys inform me that this is an exclusive, electronic rumors are the first (I expect, of many) blog to pick up on them, I hope they’ll remember us when they are famous!

The two friends got together to make music in November of 2009 and have spend the last 10 months in secret working on their craft the fruits of which are now starting to see the light. Shrouding themselves in mystery (for the time being), Echoes say they want the music to speak for itself and man, does it!

They’ve only released one original track so far, ‘Ice Cold’, and it’ll have you hooked. It’s quite a contradictory tune, awash with the melancholy of the traditional SynthPop of Depeche Mode and Ultravox et al, yet with the upbeat production of the best contemporary Electro. I want to say it’s a like a darker Dreamwave but I’m loathe to use the word Dark here, or sombre, or even gloomy because the track is too uplifting and, indeed, powerful. I suppose you could compare them to HURTS, not so much musically but in the sense that they make the pensive seem fun and danceable! Whatever they’ve done it’s they’ve nailed it. The track is, from a production point of view, some of the best ElectroPop that has crossed our path in a while.

Check out ‘Ice Cold’:

Echoes – Ice Cold

Right, on to the reMixes. I was gonna’ choose one, or two mixes to post here but I really couldn’t choose between them. I’d very loosely call all three Nu-Disco, but each displaying different styles and influences. And all three are of some of electronic rumors favourite artists too! Our Bristol gal Florrie’s ‘You Wanna’ Start Something’ gets a full on Piano driven Pop workout while they drop one of the best reMixes of The Good Natured, managing to turn it into an 8 minute hypnotic dancefloor epic without ruining the actual song (which some of the other reMixes kinda’ did). Finally Canadian keytar goddess LIGHTS’ ‘Second Go’ gets a proper Nu-Disco (in a Russ Chimes piano breakdown stylee) makeover with completely addictive results, reMix wise this is where Echoes truly shine.


Florrie – You Wanna’ Start Something (Echoes reMix)

The Good Natured – Your Body Is a Machine (Echoes reMix)

LIGHTS – Second Go (Echoes reMix)

We wait with baited breath for more from Echoes, until then I suggest you give them some of your hard earned MySpace love.

Echoes @ MySpace

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LIGHTS’ new video

LIGHTS had dropped the video for her forthcoming single ‘Second Go’ off of her ‘The Listening’ album.

Apparently filmed all in one take! I gotta’ say, I love the 80’s-esq riff in this track.

She’s touring in the UK right now, next weekend sees her Bristol début at the Dot-To-Dot festival. Good times!

‘The Listening’ is out now.


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon

LIGHTS; new single in the UK


Every time I post about LIGHTS I feel like I should disclose certain information. ElectroPop, Keytars, Hot Girls and Canada are four of my favourite things in the world. Kinda’ makes me powerless to resist…

In her continuing battle to break the UK, LIGHTS releases her second single this side of the Atlantic, ‘Saviour’. Although the track itself is quite old (in the US at least) Owl City’s Adam Young has dropped a brand new reMix of it which is very like the original but with added Owl City sparkle and Adam’s highly AutoTuned vocals sneaking in the background.

LIGHTS – Saviour (Adam Young (Owl City) reMix) (Sharebee) (MediaFire)

‘Saviour’ is released in the UK on 10th May.


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon

LIGHTS’ comic-book adventures

It been almost a year since we wrote about Canadian Keytar queen LIGHTS, and what a busy year it has been for her. A couple of EPs and her full length CD, ‘The Listening’, were released on Sire and she is currently touring to globe with Owl City.

Late last year she released a series of motion comics titles ‘Audio Quest: A Capt. LIGHTS Adventure’ which even ended up being played on MTV.

A motion comic, for those who don’t know, is something both Marvel and DC are dabbling with right now. Not quite animation but more kinetic than a comic book panel, both comic giants have experimented with turning some of their bigger existing comic titles into moving images. Just watch the thing, you’ll see what I mean!

Anyway, LIGHTS, a comic and Sci-Fi fan, released four episodes of this little musical Sci-Fi adventure last year and in honour of the release of episode five, exclusively on MySpace we thought we’d show you the previous four chapters.


Episode five can be seen right now here on MySpace!

What’s not to like about LIGHTS? Cute girl with Keytar, makes ElectroPop, into Sci-Fi, Comics and Gaming. It’s like she was made from science!


LIGHTS @ 7Digital

LIGHTS @ Amazon



Ahh, that timeless story of a girl and her keytar….

Let me introduce to you LIGHTS.


Well, ‘cos it’s Sunday and LIGHTS is kinda’ ‘Sunday SynthPop’. It’s some pretty chilled tunes, but without being dreary or ambient. This is singer/songwriter stuff. Actually, there is a hint of a female The Postal Service going on here, albeit more optimistic, or a less folksy Lykke Li.

Like I said, girl and her keytar…

Did I mention she’s from Toronto?

LIGHTS – Drive My Soul (zShare) (MediaFire)

LIGHTS – The Last Thing On Your Mind (zShare) (MediaFire)

There’s more on her MySpace.

LIGHTS will be here in the UK for a few shows in April and her just released her début EP, which is available below along with a bunch of other cool stuff like comic books and headbands!

LIGHTS @ Lights Store