Lé Lé’s ‘No’ video

We’ve been talking a bit about Lé Lé’s return with their brand new album ‘Play Time’ and it’s lead single, ‘Need’/’No’.

Here’s the video for, ‘No’, the English version. Man that butler’s got a job and a half!

Lé Lé’s new album, ‘Party Time’, is due out soon on Magnetron Music.

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The return of Lé Lé, this time in English


In January we posted about some brand new, and long awaited, material from Rimer London‘s  Lé Lé. The track was ‘Neen’, an insanely catchy track despite being in Dutch.

Now Lé Lé have dropped the track in English, now translated to ‘No’, in preparation for the release of their third album ‘Party Time’. This new version is every bit as infection, the bass every bit as bouncy, the melody every bit as hypnotic, only this time us poor English speakers can sing along with it to. Rimmer London is one of out favourite producers, his analog Disco works so well with MC Faberyayo droll rhymes and addictive choruses. While you’re here check out their tongue-in-cheek cover of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. Whitney never sounded so robotic.

Lé Lé – No

Lé Lé – I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston Cover)

Lé Lé’s new album, ‘Party Time’,  is due out soon on Magnetron Music.

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The return of Lé Lé

le le

MC Faberyayo, Designer Piet Parra and on of our favourite electronic musicians Rimer London are back together as Lé Lé after a couple of years working on separate projects.

They’ve just dropped the first single from their forthcoming new album. It’s called ‘Neen’ and an infectious Dutch slice of bouncy bass. Both the bassline and the melody of ‘Neen’ will work their way into your brain until you’ll be humming them all day!

Lé Lé – Neen

Lé Lé’s new album is due out later this year on Magnetron Music.

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Rimer London


Rimeroni Vumani A.K.A. Rimer London is one third of Dutch ElectroPoppers Le Le, and while Le Le go for the sleazy, dirty Electro side of things Rimmer London has one foot squarely in Italo Disco and the other  in Chiptune.

Creating Moroder-esq grooves with 8-Bit sounds and warm analog basses these two tracks from his début EP are infections as hell!

Rimer London – Intercity (zShare) (MediaFire)

Rimer London – Go Away (zShare) (MediaFire)

Love that picture of him imitating Giorgio Moroder’s famous studio shot too!

Rimer London’s ‘Intercity EP’ is released 25th January on Magnetron, until the give the man some MySpace love:

Rimer London @ MySpace