[Audio] Rex Ronan’s début EP


Rex Ronan

Rex Ronan is the latest signing to the always excellent Girlfriend Records. This Coventry based producer is an ex-live player of Martin Bowes’ avant-garde Electro Industrial outfit Attrition (ahhh Acid Tongue!) whos been producing solo for a while now, but recently got together with GFR to release his début EP, Beyond, which out released next Tuesday.

The EP kicks off with Incoming, which gently sets up the EP without dropping you straight into some of the frantic, high-octane tracks that appear later. Incoming works a range of breezy buzzing riffs and ringing synths over a storming beat for a driving, but uplifting result. Coastal continues the same pace, but injects a little groove into it’s bassline giving that track a breezy, laid back, Disco side to it. This one is definitely one of the EP’s highlights and could do well in any DJ’s crate. Up next is Beyond, a pumping Electro-House track that blends in a little bitcrushed grittiness and a little big room flavour. Where Ronan shies is his chord progressions and epic melodies, bring a wave of emotional resonance into a huge dance track. The EP plays out on Spell, a sidechaned-to-all-hell tune that combines the worlds of SynthWave and French Touch to make you feel likes it’s 2007 again. Electro on! The only problem with the EP we found was in a few of the tracks, most noticeably Incoming and Beyond, Rex has a tendency to drop in little DJ flourishes, which you don’t really want on original tunes, it makes it sound a bit like you’re listening to a good track on some kid’s YouTube DJ mix wondering why he can’t leave the Flanger alone, it’s a small gripe though, and doesn’t really detract from how good an EP this really is.

♫ Rex Ronan – Coastal

♫ Rex Ronan – Spell

Rex Ronan’s Beyond EP is out 26th March.

Buy Rex Ronan’s music from:


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