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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. This week Oxford based Disco terrorists and convicted synth abusers (seriously, they’re on the register) Coloureds release their new single, Pop Forlorn. It;s been a while since we heard anything from these guys and in the past few months the have spawned a new Coloured. Green now joins Blue and Yellow in their brutal Electro-House oddessy.

Pop Forlorn is at once relentless and funky. Terminator basses ride roughshod over a cacophony of synths that belies a solid groove in what is possibly Coloured’s tightest, and more dancefloor friendly, track to date. Cut-up samples battle it out with pulsating digital sounds to see who can make you move more, just give in to it. The B-side, Automate, is where things start to get really Coloureds-esque, as they bring out their trademark chainsaw synths and set about carving up Disco and putting it back together to create some kind of compelling, groovy Frankensteinian best. The release come backed with reMixes from Sshh! The Deaf Have AIDS, Kenji Run and Tiger Mendoza, of which Kenji Run;s is the standout. Pick this shit up and kick off your weekend in style.

♫ Coloureds – Automate

Coloureds Pop Forlorn is out today.

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Coloureds reMix Yelle

coloureds yelle

GrandMarnier and tEPr should be worried, apparently they’ve been replaced in Yelle but Oxford’s Electro noise terrorists Coloureds. I don’t think anyone is going to make it out of this alive.

Blue and Yellow apply extra helping of chainsaw synths and machine gun percussion to the track that growls away in the background like an angry cyborg beast while Julie’s vocals carry on seemingly unaware of their fate. Once again Couloureds manage to sit in the middle of the ‘bastard hard Electro’ and ‘actually got a groove’ ven diagram as their track strides onto the dancefloor swinging it’s big metal balls.

♫ Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Coloureds reMix)

‘Comme Un Enfant’ is taken from the ‘Safari Disco Club’ album, out now.

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Coloureds’ new EP

Oxford based Disco terror duo Coloureds release their new EP, ‘Tom Hanks’ today.

This is the masked crusaders’ fifth release and continues their progression toward dropping increasingly dancefloor oriented tunes (as opposed to the being-smacked-in-the-face-with-a-sampler approach of their early works) bringing them more inline with an Ed Banger flavour sound. The title track is pure French Disco noise, a cut-up funk monster. Sure, it takes a drill to your forehead, bores a hole into your skull and pours the funk in with a funnel, but it’s funk nonetheless. Coloureds have managed to bring a straight-up groove to their tunes without loosing any of the distorted noise chaos that has become their trademark, and that has made their live shows something that must be experienced. Another standout of the EP is the awesomely titled ‘Wanna’ Come Back To My Room And Listen To Some SebastiAn?’, which kinda’ lives up to it’s name. Solid and relentless, I imagine if you did go back to their room and listen to some SebastiAn it would probably be some kind of fisheye lensed nightmare scenario.

Check it out:

♫ Coloureds – Tom Hanks

♫ Coloureds (Feat. Tim Collis Of This Town Needs Guns) – Wanna’ Come Back To My Room And Listen To Some SebastiAn?

The ‘Tom hanks’ EP is out today,

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