MNDR reMixed by Azari & III


MNDR’s ‘#1 In Heaven’ is one of my favourite tracks of the year so far. It’s raw, catchy and in-your-face ElectroPop, so it’s definitely a good thing that they entrusted it to someone with such a track records as deep ‘90’s Housemeisters Azari & III.

Azari & III’s reMix an epic building, hypnotic track full a massive dose of Beep House (probably my favourite (defunct) House genre). it’s chock full of rattling 909 hats, square basses, resonant synths and a moody, intoxicating atmosphere that would have killed in late ‘80’s warehouse parties. Totally different from the original, Azari & III have made a powerful complimentary track.

MNDR – #1 In Heaven (Azari And III reMix)

‘#1 In Heaven’ is out now with MNDR’s full length album due out this summer, both on Ultra.

Buy MNDR’s music from:


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