[Audio] Let Em Riot’s ‘Say What You Need To Say’ (Arcade High reMix)


Let Em Riot

Stop what you’re doing, even if it’s important. The only people authorised to continue with whatever they are up to are people who have others lives in their hands (in which case; get off the internet!). There’s a new single from Orange Country Dreamwave master Let Em Riot. This man is easily one of the most talented ElectroPop producers working today. We know what you’re thinking; are we saying that because we released his SlashWave EP, or did we release his SlashWave EP because we thought that? To which we’d like to counter with “shut up and listen to Let Em Riot’s new single”.

Say What You Need To Say is quintessential Let Em Riot. The big secret of Let Em Riot’s appeal is his knack of being able to mix utterly nostalgic SynthWave music that you can’t help but love with truly heartfelt lyrics that really resonate with people without resorting to cliché or tropes. And that’s exactly what he does here, laying his heart out on a backing of comforting synthesizer music. Nostalgia and emotion, what more do you want from a SynthPop tune? The single also comes equipped with a reMix from another excellent, and increasingly vocal, SynthWave artist, Arcade High, who brings the track in a slightly more traditional Outrun direction with his trademark added ChipTune spice, making the perfect compliment. The single is available on Bandcamp for a fee of name-your-price. You’d better name something that is at least higher than a four…we’re watching you!

♫ Let Em Riot – Say What You Need To Say

♫ Let Em Riot – Say What You Need To Say (Arcade High reMix)

Let Em Riot’s Say What You Need To Say single is out right now!

Buy Let Em Riot’s music from:

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