[MP3] Strangers’ ‘No Longer Lost’



Last month, London’s finest SynthPop outfit Strangers, launched their free-track-every-month-until-Xmas project with Sense Of Liberty. Sticking to their harshly self-inflicted schedule, the first of the month has roller around again and here we are with track two of the series, No Longer Lost. We’re just hoping that, like a big extended musical advent calendar, they are saving their best for an Xmas treat. Even though we’re in the middle of a July heatwave, there something festive about countdowns to December.

No Longer Lost is a track that injects the typical Strangers sweeping SynthPop sound with a slight Industrial grind, whilst maintaining euphoric Pop sensibilities. Featuring accompanying vocals from Charli Rouse, the machine beats and harsh bassline play nicely against an uplifting bright synth hook and and defiantly optimistic vocals. Rouse’s vocals and a nice sweet touch to the pumping emotional blitzkrieg, allowing the track to deliver something that works on multi levels.

Strangers (Feat. Charli Rouse) – No Longer Lost

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