[MP3] Mitch Murder’s ‘Outride A Crisis’


Mitch Murder

Hot on the heels of his massive new single for Diplo’s Mad Decent/Jeffree’s label, Swedish SynthWaver and the lord and master of all things retro synth Mitch Murder has turned his attention to his other love, old school video games. Taking the theme from 1989’s Sega classic Super Hang-On, composed by Katsuhiro Hayash, as his inspiration, Mitch delivers Outride A Crisis a SynthWave ChipTune epic.

Blending Mitch’s trademark FM basslines with shimmering video game melodies makes for a funky combination. Mitch ekes every last drop of emotion out of the track, and these video game track were composed to illicit an emotion response from the player, layering spine-tingling chords and leads. Then the track delivers what it was created for, all this underpinning a crunchy, lengthy, solo, as Mr. Murder gets his synth shred on. That’s what we all came for.

Mitch Murder – Outride A Crisis

Mitch Murder’s ‘The Touch’ is out now.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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