[MP3] Strangers’ ‘Sense Of Liberty’



The UK’s finest epic SynthPoppers Strangers will be keeping your ears busy over the coming months. Today, we are proud to première, the first in a series of monthly free tune the guys are delivering. Six in all are incoming, once a month from now until X-mas, which basically means they are spending the rest of the year recording free tunes, just for you. By December they should be on all you X-mas card lists!

Sense Of Liberty is the first of the monthly gifts. Typically Strangers in it’s grandiose, bombastic take on SynthPop. It’s tracks like this that lead us to believe Strangers need to be playing stadiums as soon as possible, their music is just so epic, the kind of songs that would just be unbelievably euphonic to sing-a-long with a massive crowd to. Sense Of Liberty packs in buzzing apreggios, vintage beats, and a big, sweeping, string section that underpins David’s anthemic vocal. It;s unbelievable that these Strangers haven’t charted in the UK yet, but that’s only a matter of time, meanwhile they are more concerned with keeping you lot entertained with freebies. Now say thanks with an email address.

Strangers – Sense Of Liberty

You can download Sense Of Liberty in exchange for an email address here. Stranger’s latest single, Something New, is out now.

Buy Strangers’ music from:

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