[Download] Strangers’ ‘Divine’



So, y’know London SynthPop superheroes Strangers have been releasing a free track at the beginning of each month for the last few months? The last five months to be exact. Well, as we head into December, the guys have collected these tracks as the Close EP, due for release at the start of next month. I know what you’re thinking; ‘I’ve already downloaded those songs for free’, well just hold your horses, there’s more! The EP comes equipped with an exclusive new track, an acoustic version of Fires and a new reMix of Something New from Jack Robert Hardman. You can listen to the new tune right here, and you should, ‘cos it’s well good.

Divine features Lou Bird, and brings to the EP a swirl of lush synths set atop shuffling R&B-esque beats. Sounding distinctly ‘London’, Divine meshes Strangers typically majestic SynthPop with an electronic, urban feel. Strangers do everything big, and Divine is no exception, stuffed to busting point with rich tones and layers of backing vocals. They’re like HURTS, but better. Because HURTS turned into sad rock posers (thanks Dita Von Teese, we know that was your fault) and we have a feeling that Strangers will be (as they say in old London town) ‘keeping it real’.

♫ Strangers (Feat. Lou Bird) – Divine

Strangers’ Close EP is released 10th December.

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