[MP3] Du Tonc’s ‘Rise’



And the unstoppable MiGHty mOUse and Matt Van Schie’s Du Tonc juggernaut keeps on going. This is the third track in as many months from the newly formed duo. With this new track, Rise, these guys appear to have just invented Goth-Italo-Disco. Check it out, you’ll see what we mean.

So, instantly, we can’t help but feel that Rise is channelling Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead, especially with the bass pattern, sped up a few revs and run through a Robo-Disco machine. On top the eerily familiar bassline a swathes of plucked Dubby guitar licks, shuffling purcussion and haunting wolf howls swirl about the track alongside arpeggios and a solid dancefloor kick making for a weird combination of the haunting and the Cosmic. Matt’s moody croon on this track just adds to the atmosphere. Prepare yourself for the spooktastic Hammer Horror chorus. It;s been a long time since anyone made Goth this funky.

Du Tonc – Rise

Du Tonc’s Rise is out now, it’s a free download, for a limited time only, from here.

Buy Du Tonc’s music from:

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