[Audio] Du Tonc’s ‘Island’



It’s been just over half a year since MiGHty mOUse and Matt Van Schie got together to form the unstoppable Du Tonc. The duo have achieved shit loads in that short time, world touring, acclaimed singles, it’s been am impressive rise to prominence to witness, and well deserve too, their work is a killer combination of heartfelt Indie and head nodding Disco, just the right mix of emotion and funk.

Their latest tune, Island, leans a little more toward the Indie side of things than their previous outings, but have no fear, the undulating Disco groove persists. Awash with Tropical guitars and beckoning rhythms, Island is a pretty fitting title for the track. There’s also a little bit of a 90s feel to the tune with what is almost a breakbeat repurposed into a dreamy Pop song amongst an infectious bassline. It’s not as immediate a track as Darkness or Rise, but really gets under your skin.

♫ Du Tonc – Island

Du Tonc’s Island is released 14th October.

Buy Du Tonc’s music from:

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