[MP3] Lancelot’s new single



You’ll Never Be Mine is the name of the new single from Australian Nu-Disco producer Lancelot. This guy’s We Can Dance single on Binary on binary was one of the dancefloor highlights of the year, and it;s looks like the man is picking up the pace on his release, as this free two track single comes just a few months after his last tune, the Housey Higher Ground.

You’ll Never Be Mine effortlessly mixes up Lancelot’s beach Disco and Chicago House skills. Leaning a bit more to the House side of things Lancelot leads us though an every evolving seven minutes of compelling dance. Always surprising, the track starts of with a warehouse vibe before becoming more and more euphoric and new layers of synths. Riffing off vocal snatches of S.O.S. Band’s Just Be Good To Me, especially in the big breakdown, You’ll Never Be Mine really does do the job of whipping up a solid dancefloor groove. It;s B-side, The Way I Feel About You, rocks a bit more of a fun, upbeat, vibe. Sounding slightly more 90s and slightly more soulful (using S.O.S. Band as it’s vocal core again) creating an impulsive retro dance track. This thing is free, and better than a lot of House wannabes out there right now, Lancelot’s got the skills, you should pay attention.

Lancelot – You’ll Never Be Mine

You can download Lancelot’s You’ll Never Be Mine and it’s B-side The Way I Feel About You for free here.

Buy Lancelot’s music from:


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