[Audio] Du Tonc’s ‘Surging Memories’



Surging Memories is the second single from the frankly awesome superhero team-up of MiGHty mOUse and Van She bassist and ElectroPopper Matt Van Schie, Du Tonc. The duo are gearing up for their immanent tour of Europe and the US, and have dropped their new tune in preparation.

Following on from their previous single, Darkness, Surging Memories feels even more like MiGHty mOUse meets Matt Van Schie that that did. Which I guess is kinda;’ obvious really. It’s a big rush of emotion, where a live Indie feel rubs shoulders with raw Disco. Driven by a hazy, buzzy, guitar riff and waves of blissful synths these guys coax a sense of summertime nostalgia with just a hint of mystery in their music, allowing Matt’s vocals to sound both introspective and anthemic at the same time. Two songs down and Du Tonc have a flawless record so far, let’s hope they can keep it up. You should definitely try to catch Du Tonc live is they are in your area, dates here.

♫ Du Tonc – Surging Memories

Du Tonc’s Surging Memories is out now on Cheap Thrills.

Buy Du Tonc’s music from:

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