[Audio] Tesla Boy’s ‘M.C.H.T.E’


Tesla Boy

How on the heels of March’s 1991, here’s the new single from Russia’s greatest export, the unstoppable Tesla Boy. Taken from their forthcoming second album, The Universe Made Of Darkness, this new tune sees Tesla Boy back in an 80s groove, after 1991’s flirting with the 90s, and rocking it harder than we’ve heard them rock before.

M.C.H.T.E leaves a little of Tesla Boy’s smooth Disco grooves behind in favour of massive raw drums and growling synths. Anton’s epic vocal soars over a backing of almost Tropical purcussion, thickly layered synths, and a production that makes everything big, reverby and live. Although keeping a strong synth Funk groove, M.C.H.T.E has more in common with the stadium SynthPop of Depeche Mode than their Dreamwave roots. And that’s all good, Tesla Boy did Dreamwave flavoured ElectroPop better than anybody, and now it’s time to tackle their next electro target. Bring on the big Tesla Boy SynthPop, we say.

♫ Tesla Boy – M.C.H.T.E

M.C.H.T.E is taken from Tesla Boy’s forthcoming album The Universe Made Of Darkness, released 21st May.

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