[MP3] Pat Lok’s ‘Crazy Juice’



“I made some not disco” Canadian, er, Disco, producer Pat Lok exclaimed on Twitter yesterday evening. Well, for a start he wasn’t lying, and it’s awesome to see producers playing fast and loose with genres. Many artists produce their best work when experimenting and branching out, and let’s face it Nu-Disco is getting a bit repetitive, it’s no wonder the more creative on the scene want to spread their musical wings.

So where does that leave Pat, the track Crazy Juice is a brooding Chicago House/early 90s Rave crossover that keeps Lok’s funk, but channels it toward a darkened warehouse. Loaded with shuffling 909 beats and a big warping bassline, Crazy Juice brings the kind of strobe light vibe that takes us back to our youth. One for a full-on night out.

Pat Lok – Crazy Juice

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