[Audio] Yelle’s ‘L’Amour Parfait’


One of our long term favourite French artists, and one of the best live acts in the world Yelle are finally back with a brand new single. It looks like tEPr isn’t around anymore, leaving Julie and GrandMarnier to carry on as a duo with, in the case of this new tune, a little help from Aeroplane. What this has resulted in is quirky ElectroPop gold that brings Yelle back to their 80s Pop roots.

Big undulating synths and a booming 808 beat produce something vintage Pop but with a contemporary Electro sensibility, which was always the best of Yelle. Julie engaging French vocals have always transcended the language barrier, even in a live situation, and allow them free rein on a hypnotic electronic soundscape with and 80s hook and a B-Boy beat and you have the recipie for a Pop winner. The single will come with reMixes from by Baadman, Sticky K, The Phantom and Ruben Mandolini . The title means ‘The Perfect Love’ BTW.

♫ Yelle – L’Amour Parfait

Yelle’s L’Amour Parfait is released11th February.

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