[Audio] Moon & Walker reMixed by Ride The Universe

moon & walker

Moon & Walker are a new Australian duo (or are they?), so new in fact that they haven;t got a web presence we can link to, so you’ll just have to take our word for it that they exist. Well, our word for it, and this storming reMix of their début single from Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe.

Love A Little More get’s a blissful, Funk fuelled, Nu-Disco workout from Dreamwave’s A-Team. Like sunshine pouring out of your speakers, which, in the middle of January, is awesome. it’s got everything we’ve come to expect, nay demand, from RtU. No-one rocks a smooth groove quite like these guys. Complex Disco basslines and buzzing retro synths breezily wash over the most laid back of beats as Ride The universe mix a little of their trademark talkbox into the track. With a pinch of stardust sprinkled on their beach party RtU bring their eternal summertime into our lives once again. This is music for hot girls to dance in slow motion too.

♫ Moon & Walker – Love A Little More (Ride The Universe reMix)

Moon & Walker’s Love A Little More is out now on etcetc.

Buy Moon & Walker’s music from:

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